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HotelVpf v1.0 HotelVpf Windows App
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HotelVpf Back Office Management
HotelVpf You can easily activate "HotelVpf" by Product Key Code; just enter the key provided by confirmation email you received, and the system will activate the product starting with the current date.
HotelVpf Software Update is free and you are automatically informed to keep your application up-to-date with new features and better performance.
HotelVpf Property (the main window) → Display Total Collection Today, Payments, Refunds, Bookings Reservations, Guests, Rooms Availability. All data can be Print or Save as .PDF File.
HotelVpf Property Details → Upload and Save Hotel Logo, automatic display on the Invoice.
HotelVpf Property → Manage Property, Property Details, Buildings, Floors, Rooms, Room Types, Room Status, Room Amenities.
HotelVpf Room → Drag and drop image object from left side panel, the user can build the Room Structure and add different Room Facilities or Amenities; All data can be Print or Save as .PDF File.
HotelVpf Room Pricing → Manage and create Room Rates in relation with a particular Room Type for a certain Period of Time; the user can set the main Rate but also can set Prices by Custom Dates or Prices by Days of the Week; Override Rate to fill the new plan Automatically with an old Rate.
HotelVpf Revenue Management → Select No. Of Months → Display Prices by Period.
HotelVpf Room Pricing → Room Rate, Revenue Management, Hotel Tax, Discount, Deposit, Payment Type.
HotelVpf Authorizations → Receptionists → Create Any Number of Users to Login and connect to the Front-Desk Application.
HotelVpf Operations → Housekeeping Rooms, Maintenance Rooms, GuestSearch.
HotelVpf Guest Management → Search Guest by Name, IC/PP, Phone, City, Country, Vehicle Plate, Car Brand, Guest No.
HotelVpf Products Management → Food & Beverage Management.
HotelVpf Reports → Check-Ins, Check-Outs, Payments, Refunds, Guests, Revenue. All data can be Print or Save as .PDF File.
HotelVpf Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) → Hotel Occupancy Rate, Average Room Rate, Revenue Per Available Room, Revenue Per Occupied Room.
HotelVpf Front Desk Management
HotelVpf Property Rooms → Display Hotel Buildings, Floors and Rooms. Click straightforward the Room, select easily Checkin, Checkout, New Reservation or Cancel Reservation.
HotelVpf Guest Autocomplete option → Enable the user to quickly find and select a Guest from registered Guest List depending on the first letter of the Name, Phone or Identity Card.
HotelVpf Generate Invoice Automatically → Automatic Price Calculation, update bill automatically according to the Room Type, Room Rate and Number of Nights: Total Rate, Total Tax, Extra Charges, Subtotal, Discount, Total, Deposit, Refunds, Amount Paid, Balance.
HotelVpf Booking View → Registration of Payments and Refunds, Automatic Invoice Update.
HotelVpf Booking & Reservation Calendar → Bookings Calendar, Reservation Calendar.
HotelVpf Reports → CheckIn & CheckOut Report, Cancel Reservations Report Guests Report, Extra Charges Report, Payments Report, Refunds Report, Bookings & Reservations Report. All data can be Print or Save as .PDF File.
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