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HotelVpf  is a fully equipped hotel   Management Software Solution (Property Management System), developed exclusively with
Microsoft Windows Technologies.

🏨 The solution integrates 2 separate desktop Windows Applications, Front-Desk (Hotel Receptionist) and Back-Office (Hotel Manager) that
can be used for any kind and size of hotel and any type of property.

🏨 Both applications can be easily installed and activated through the setup files and used directly without any other configurations.
HotelVpfBackOffice v1.0.msi - Setup1 Download
HotelVpfFrontDesk v1.0.msi - Setup2 Download
Latest Product Version: 1.0
🏨 The solution was developed in one of the best   Microsoft Technology, Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF).
🏨 Modular, tidy and realistic graphical user interface (GUI); offers graphical icons and visual indicators.
🏨 Reports for all hotel activities.
🏨 Project software architecture: WPF MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel), easy to improve, scale and update.
🏨 Easy to integrate third parties APIs like Booking.com or Trivago.com.

✅ Windows XP (2001);
✅ Windows Vista (2006);
✅ Windows 7 (2009);
✅ Windows 8 (2012);
✅ Windows 8.1 (2013);
✅ Windows 10 (2015 - 2018);
✅ Windows 11 (2021);

✅ Windows 365 (July 2021) - Microsoft starts selling subscriptions via a Web Service that provides access to
Windows 10 and Windows 11 built on top of Azure Virtual Desktop ;

✅ Windows 12 (Release Date March 2023) - on Windows 12 Update, among other new features, you can send and read SMS directly from the laptop.
This version of Windows 12 allows you to synchronize Windows 12 on a laptop with your Android Smartphone.

👉🏻 .Net Framework (at least version 4.0)

👉🏻 1 GHz or faster processor
👉🏻 512 MB of RAM
👉🏻 850 MB of available hard disk space (x86)
👉🏻 2 GB hard drive (x64)
➡️ Download Back Office & Front Desk & applications (Download Apps).
➡️ Check your browser download location.
➡️ Identify the application: HotelVpfBackOffice v1.0.msi
➡️ Identify the application HotelVpfFrontDesk v1.0.msi
➡️ Install each application.
➡️ Internet connection is required!
➡️ Open the Back Office application.
➡️ Enter the product key registered on your account allocated after purchasing the product.
➡️ Click "Activate" and the system will activate your product starting with the current date.
➡️ If you want a Free Trial Version just enter your email address, click the "Trial Activation" button and the system will register for you a license of 7 Days of Free Use.
➡️ Sign In Back-Office (Manager App): Select Authorizations → Receptionist → Add New Receptionist → Create New Receptionist, create username and paswword.
➡️ Sign In Front-Desk (Receptionist App): type receptionist username and password.
➡️ Purchased subscriptions have free updates and maintenenance.
➡️ Lifetime versions (the versions purchased permanently, for life), will have special updates installed at the customer for a special fee.
➡️ Automatic notification to keep the application up to date with new features and better performance.

❇️ This software is intended for hotel managers and receptionists.

❇️ Hotel operations for renting rooms and registration of new guests.

👉 Hospitality management software systems are programmed to avoid double bookings and overbookings.
👉 Because of automation, hotel software help prevent errors when front desk staff are inputting important customer data like name, passport details, and card numbers.
👉 Another great benefits of software systems are their speed and accuracy; information can be retrieved more quickly and with greater confidence in its accuracy and
this can improve the productivity of employees.
👉 Can improve the movement of goods and the supply of goods to customers.

❇️ Please contact us at: support@hotelvpf.com

➡️ The trial version (7 Days) allows to create maximum 5 rooms.
➡️ For paid versions we have 4 Pricing Plans: Starter 20 Rooms, Basic 50 Rooms, Plus 100 Rooms, Premier 300 Rooms.
➡️ Please refer the Pricing Plan.

👉 An Internet connection is required to activate "HotelVpf" software.

👉 The current version of the software works only with a valid Internet connection.
👉 For customized versions, unlimited periods or Standalone Application(version that
runs locally on the device and doesn't require Internet connection to be functional, please CONTACT US .

✅ We all love the simplicity of the Windows Operating System!
✅ We all love the Windows Applications! Why? because they are fast and easy to install/uninstall.
✅ What you see is what you get! You will buy a physical product, a setup file for your business in a digital form.
✅ With 3, 4 clicks (next, next, next...) you will install your business software without any headache.
✅ Desktop applications are much easier to customize for your needs. Business modules can be added or removed easily.
✅ You get all of the benefits of a desktop solution and can still access the software from a remote computer.
✅ When compared to web applications, desktop ones have undoubtedly better performance.
✅ A desktop application is an application designed to serve standalone machines that don’t require the internet for its operation.
✅ Some desktop applications just requires internet connection for activation or updates.
✅ Desktop applications have better authorization and administration because they have less dependencies and are secure.

⛔ Buying SaaS software sucks. You don't actually buy anything physical, just a temporary subscription.
⛔ SaaS sales makes you want to hit your head against the wall. You don't actually sale anything physical, just just a temporary subscription.
⛔ The SaaS buying process is one of the greatest issues that humanity faces today.
⛔ Web-based software are at higher security risks.
⛔ To run a Web-based software you will always need a browser, file hosting and an Internet connection.
⛔ Choosing the wrong technology for your web application is a huge risk.
⛔ A wrong decision for the chosen web application could cost you money, time, and resources.
⛔ 20 years a go installing software was a nightmare so they come up with SaaS, but they didn't realize is that buying SaaS is going to turn in to an even bigger nightmare.

➡️ For internal hotel operations, any hotel needs its own Windows application, as fast as possible, easy to install and configure.
➡️ The hotel receptionist needs a fixed point and a single device (desktop/laptop computer) to rent the rooms and perform the hotel Front Desk operations.
➡️ The hotel administrator/the manager will also use a single device and a fixed point to perform the hotel Back Office operations.
➡️ As a summary: no one is looking to complicate their life by using a lot of devices and computers for the sake of work!
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